After driving for four days (one hundred and eleven hours to be precise) in our custom built animal ambulance, through twelve countries  and 6,200 kilometres (3,763 miles) we finally brought Bili to The Sanctuary in Wales!

Bili the chimpanzee had spent fifteen years all alone in a cage in Stara Zagora Zoo in Bulgaria, but after numerous delays and set-backs he is now here in Wales ready  to share his life with Tubman and Bimbo.

Bili’s rescue was fraught with difficulties from the start. It was back in December 2010 when the Bulgarian authorities first contacted us and discussed the possibility of bringing him to Wales

When we were eventually given the go ahead to make the long journey we were relieved, only to find when we arrived in Bulgaria that they were still debating whether to let Bili, who was evidently the only chimpanzee in Bulgaria, leave with us.

Luckily the mayor of the town was an understanding and compassionate man who persuaded the dissenters that Bili’s best interests were what mattered most and that after being in isolation for so long he deserved the chance to be with others of his own kind.

Thanks to all who made this possible, especially Graham who did all the driving and Mike who took all the photographs and also endured the gruelling journey.

A special thank you also to the Pettifor Trust for their substantial contribution and indeed and to all of you who have supported our endeavours to bring Bili here. He is settling in really well

Bili Arrives From Bulgaria

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