This is the heart rending story of one little monkey and the lady who bought him and then did the right thing and handed him over to The Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary. Here he will be able to live with other marmosets.The story is in her own words.

Description Information on Denzil and why we Bought Him

Denzil is a beautiful monkey who was born on August 10th 2011. He was advertised on the internet with his brother and cost a lot of money. I had saved for a long while to buy a monkey and I thought I was doing the right thing. It was never a question of will I have time for him as I am housebound with ill health. So I thought I could give Denzil all he n...eeded, and with owning Denzil's type of breed legal in England, I honestly didn't think I was doing anything wrong at all.

I sent my son to pick Denzil up as it was a very long way from where I live. So he had a day off work and away he went. We had spoken to the breeder who over the phone seemed very nice and helpful and made it all sound very normal that Denzil was being sold so young. He said it was the normal thing to do in the monkey world to take the young away so young from the parents, and we took his word on this. So that's how I came to own a monkey. The only thing given with Denzil was 5 small spoons of baby milk and about 8 drops of vitaminsa - that's all. So we bought Denzil a heat mat and large tub to put him in at first as he was shockingly so tiny in size.

When he was brought home to me I didn't realise he was so tiny, about the size of a mouse. It scared me. We had to hand feed Denzil with SMA baby milk with a syringe and a very small bottle. We fed him every 2 hours at first. I phoned my vets the next day who referred me to a vet's practice who deal with monkeys. She was very helpful or so I then thought. We went over the Defra Guidelines etc, she followed these and agreed with them. After a lot of reading I started to feel uneasy about it all, and looking at Denzil so tiny and helpless depending solely on us. I felt it was all so wrong. Denzil didn't need humans to learn from, he needed his own kind, another monkey to learn from. I had made a massive mistake and didn't know what to do. I'd lost all my savings but i knew I could not sell him on to anyone else otherwise I might as well keep him because I could give Denzil whatever any person coukl, but he needs his own kind to learn from. I considered Monkey World as I had seen it on TV and I did phone them and could only get answer machine service. But we then found a monkey place in Wales on the internet and my son liked what he read and we phoned them. I spoke to a lady who put me through to the owner and I felt very embarassed about it all as I did think I was going to get told off for doing what I'd done. So I just told it as it was and that I did not realise I would feel it was wrong until it was too late and I'd then bought Denzil. And because the Government in England let it be legal I didn't realise that I would feel like I now do.

 The Government are wrong letting it be legal. I know I cannot change the law of the land but I could change Denzil's future. The money I've lost is a big issue but no way was I going to pass Denzil on by selling him.The people i phoned made me feel very welcome and they listened to me and to mine and Denzil's story and they so kindly agreed to give Denzil hopefully a forever home with his own kind. And one day Denzil might have a family of his own.

I know one thing if it hadn't been for these kind people I wouldn't have known what to do and Denzil would have lost this chance.

I cannot change the world bu I've done my best to sort this issue out. What I do know is the Government need to rethink the law on this and Defra's Guidelines are a joke.It's just words that look good on paper but that's where it ends. I would never have considered buying a monkey if it was illegal. Monkeys might look cute in nappies and clothes but that's not for their pleasure, it's for the people who buy them. It's wrong and so damn cruel. Would any human like us to strip them of their clothes and put them in a home of all monkeys and the ape family?I guess not but that's what we're doing to the monkeys trying to put them in our families. Like I've said I cannot change anything, but I hope I've done right for Denzil.

I was a fool to do what I did, I should have taken me and my children on a little holiday as it's been years since we have, but I saved up for the wrong reason. I just hope Denzil's brother is OK. Denzil was taken away off his mum and dad at 2 weeks old as they sold the parents as they had just moved home, they said. But breeders like that should be ashamed of themselves, their morals are all wrong.

I do hope that I could see how Denzil grows up. I will always remember him.He's very little but he had a massive impact in our lives. I will miss him but I know I've done my best for Denzil.

I do hope he will keep his name,he will never remember us but we will him. But the law needs to change and one way of doing it would be for the Government to help fund these people who save the ones they do and give them back their lives. England tries to say we are animal lovers but is everyone? No. But the Government could change this. If Denzil's story helped save one other monkey then I'm glad I rehomed him.

Such a tiny'tiny animal who had such an impact on us. I wish Denzil all the love I could give him and hopefully a lovely monkey life in his forever home in Wales.

Denzil’s Story

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