Animal Rescues

Animals may be in need of a new and caring home for a number of reasons. These include....

  (1) Their present carers have looked after them well, but for various reasons may not be in a position to continue to do so.

  (2) They have outgrown their present facilities or have become too difficult to keep in their present situation.

  (3) They may be suffering abuse and neglect.

  (4) They may be laboratory animals subject to experimentation and un-ethical practices.

  (5) They may need social interaction with others of their species and may be exhibiting behavioural problems.

  (6) They may be in need of specialised veterinary care and long term back up, which the present owners cannot provide.

At Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary we regularly receive requests from people who have animals in need of a new home, or who have become aware of animals that are being abused by others. Some of our “animal rescues” therefore have the voluntary approval and consent of the present keepers, whilst others do not. In the case of some of our rescues from Lebanon we have faced threats and violence from unscrupulous animal traders who keep exotic animals in un-speakable conditions.

In the case of some of our other rescues we have maintained regular contact with the former carers who still enquire about and visit the animals, knowing that they had made the best choices for them.

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Read about the vets who oversee the health and welfare of our animals.

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