Stowaway Sinbad

A crab eating Macaque monkey became stranded on the Skagen Maersk cargo ship when he hid on board before the ship left Malaysia three weeks ago. A startled crew member spotted the stowaway out searching for food near the mess, a week into the five week journey. He quickly informed ship’s captain Master Martin Andersen about their unusual passenger.

A monkey could not be allowed the run of the ship. He could fall overboard, or even leave the ship undetected at a port of call, posing a quarantine risk. He would have to be caught. The chief Engineer, Thorbjorn Thade Petersen constructed an ingenious trapping cage for him and after a few days Sinbad was tempted in with food.

Maersk then contacted the UK Border Agency at Felixstowe to inform them that they had discovered a monkey on board. They in turn contacted Specialist Wildlife Services who immediately got in touch with the Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary. We have a quarantine facility on site and a quarantine category rescue ambulance, which made us the obvious choice for providing Sinbad with a permanent home.

The Skagen Maersk docked on Tuesday evening 14th  June and waiting to welcome Sinbad were Graham Garen from the Sanctuary, Specialist Wildlife Services, Mike Williams (Photographer), as well as UK Border Agency and Suffolk County Council Trading Standards Officers. Sinbad seemed remarkably stress-free considering his adventures. The crew of the Skagen Maersk did a wonderful job of caring for him and he became quite a character on board.

The Sanctuary already has another macaque monkey, a Japanese snow monkey called Julie, who although a different species may well be a companion for Sinbad. Julie herself was not without incident in her life as she was found wandering in the streets of the Belgian port of Antwerp. who knows?  perhaps she had also been a stowaway who was not found until she jumped off the ship!

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