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We are eternally grateful to all those kind people who help us to care for the animals in our sanctuary.

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Kaspar and his sister Uschi have lived in the Nadermann Zoo for more than 30 years. This private zoo has been owned by the Nadermann family for several generations. The Zoo is located at the edge of the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Delbrück near Paderborn. It was opened in 1967 on the grounds of a farm. It now houses more than six hundred animals and has been the subject of much criticism because of the poor standard of the accommodation and enclosures.


Kaspar and Uschi are the last two chimpanzees in Delbruck and very little information has been forthcoming about where they came from originally. What we do know is that both were born in captivity in Germany and that Kaspar was born on 6th April 1981. Uschi was born on December 15th 1984. There are numerous private zoos in Germany and they may have come from one of those or even a private collection. Chimpanzees are still used in circuses there, and one of these has 43 chimpanzees, so it is anyone’s guess really.

We found out about the plight of Kaspar and Uschi when the Great Ape Project visited in August 2015 as the Sanctuary had just rescued another chimp from Germany called Charley from another private Zoo. Mr Nadermann says that Charley used to live in Delbruck too and then moved to Bad Pyrmont!

Criticism of the chimps’ situation had escalated after the Zoo owner had threatened to send them to China:

“Safari Park in Guangzhou have been known to abuse chimpanzees for tourism and to keep in the worst conditions," said Dr. Sandra Altherr, a biologist at Pro Wildlife eV

“For many years the Tierpark Nadermann has kept the apes under catastrophic conditions and profit from them, "added Dr. Colin Goldner from the Great Ape Project.

Prompted by the public pressure from groups like these the Zoo decided to re-home the siblings in a place where they could stay together.

Mr Nadermann contacted the Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary on 30th September 2015 and asked for a permanent home for Uschi and Kaspar. We were very pleased because Dr Goldner’s photographs of them and their impoverished home had touched our hearts and we had made up our minds then that the chimps MUST come here.

Finally on Sunday 29th November 2015 Graham and Mike set off on the long 1,260 mile round trip journey by road to collect the two chimps in the Sanctuary rescue ambulance. They left Delbruck on Tuesday 1st December and were back here soon after midnight on Tuesday night after a marathon drive.

Wednesday morning the chimps awoke to our first dry day for weeks which was a great introduction to their outside enclosure with its views of the Brecon Beacons and five other chimps to pant hoot to on the other side.

The Zoo told us that the chimps enjoy their food particularly fruit like bananas, mangoes, grapes, pineapples. They also like salad, artichokes and leeks, together with boiled potatoes, rice and pasta. They also like yoghurts. They like cabbage and boiled eggs. They eat willow and birch leaves. It is nice at least to be given this information.

Both chimps have really settled in to their life here at the Sanctuary. They miss nothing that goes on in the adjoining enclosure and join in vociferously when there is any noise from their five neighbours. Uschi in particular is extremely loud and can be very bossy towards Kaspar, who takes it all in his stride. Uschi loves to have a blanket and will take it outside with her where both chimps will sit on it and make a picnic with their food!

They have enjoyed playing with a huge purple yoga ball and unlike their neighbours they have not broken it! Their life here at the Sanctuary is content and we hope very happy. It has been a joy to see both of them develop into real characters.


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We are eternally grateful to all those kind people who help us to care for the animals in our sanctuary. Donations from the public, businesses and other organisations are vital to our continued survival and any contribution or other form of support is greatly appreciated.


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