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Education has been at the heart of Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary for many years and with over 100 species to discover, Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary is the perfect setting for your next educational field trip.  We have engaged with learners across Wales. From nursery to seniors and beyond encompassing both formal and informal learning, we create and deliver unique experiences for learners and daily visitors, encouraging excitement and exploration though interactive learning programmes and interpretation.

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0 It's World Chimpanzee Day!!

  • News
  • by Rosie
  • 14-07-2022
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You'll see some familiar faces in this picture!!

Twmi, Fergus, Toto, Bili, Ronnie, Nakima, Jason, Tubman, Kaspar, Uschi, Freddie, Jacky, Joey, Charley, Peter, Bimbo, Konda, Neusi, Jeremy, Winnie, Suzi & Vicki!


Happy "World Chimpanzee Day"!!