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Pigs an

The perfect gift for animal lovers, we've got loads of animal species available to adopt.

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The perfect gift for animal lovers, why not adopt a Pig

Animal adoption is a great way to support Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary, lasts all year and makes for a lovely treat or gift.
Treat yourself or buy as a gift for the animal lover in your life.


At Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary we have Kune Kune Pigs.  All have been rescued within the UK.

Hello! Our names are Cabbage and Spanner and we are Kunekune pigs. We came to the Sanctuary on the 29th of November 2011 when we were rescued from a trip to the slaughterhouse.

Our ancestors came from New Zealand where we were kept originally by the Maoris and the name Kunekune is Maori for fat and round. No one really knows how we got to New Zealand because there are no indigenous land animals in New Zealand. It is possible the Maoris brought us because pigs are very important to the Polynesians. Maybe the early whalers and farmers brought us. I do know that in the 1970s we came very close to becoming extinct. Two wildlife park owners prevented this from happening.

In 1992 Kunekune pigs first came to Britain. So it could be said that we are rather special.

We weigh 120 kilos and are around 76 centimetres tall. We like to live outdoors as long as we have a shelter with a thick bed of straw which we keep very clean. All pigs are very clean animals.

Kunekune pigs can survive on grazing and do very little foraging which is why we do not dig up the ground. Here at the Sanctuary we are given lots of fruit to eat and some rolled barley. We are vegetarians and must never be given anything that has any meat or meat by product in its ingredients.

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Our Mission

The sanctuary rescues and
provides a home for many types of unwanted animals, especially primates, such as chimpanzees, gibbons, baboons, spider monkeys, vervets, capuchins, tamarins, macaques and marmosets.

Although we specialise in the care and protection of primates we cannot stand by and see other animals in need of help. You will therefore
find meerkats, wolf dogs, horses, donkeys,
pigs and others at our sanctuary. All
are equally important members
of our extended family.

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